Action Centred Health
Optimising Personal and Corporate Health


"Working with Paul has proven invaluable. Iím working at a new level and my team goes from strength to strength."

- Production Manager, FMCG Group

"Business is even better than before. My teams are working well together thanks to your coaching. Thanks for your help and support this year."

- Operations Director, Multinational Engineering Firm

"Paul helped me to examine my work and home life in a fundamental way that has been invigorating for me. Iím now acting from a more grounded place and open to new opportunities and learning. Coaching has been enormously useful to me."

- Head of Service, Local Government

"Paul really lives the ethics and integrity that I expect from a professional coach. Itís been a privilege to be coached by him and /Iíve looked forward to every session as well as leaving each session feeling motivated and energised."

- Business Owner, Coach and Author

"I often questioned my desire to continue, because the journey of discovery is sometimes uncomfortable. On all occasions, I found Paul empathetic with where I was and not where he thought I needed to be."

- Training Consultant